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Who we are
The Brodie Press was an independent, non-profit publisher which published individual volumes of poetry and anthologies between 2002 and 2015. We published new writers and established authors who wished to undertake experimental or unusual projects.

About the Press
The Brodie Press began as a small student venture, set up by third-year undergraduates at the University of Liverpool in 2002. In that year, we published our first book, The Liver Bards, a collection of poetry and prose bridging the city and university communities. The book was sold throughout Liverpool, and was awarded the Miriam Allott prize for poetry. In 2003, we launched the Brodie Poets series, publishing four volumes, by Jane Davis, Ralph Pite, Julie-ann Rowell and Andrew Taylor. These books received praise from writers such as Andrea Ashworth, Roy Fisher and Les Murray; and Julie-ann Rowell's collection, Convergence, was awarded a prestigious Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice. In 2006 we published There are Avenues, a book-length poem by Peter Robinson about his home city of Liverpool, and in 2008 we published Letters North, the first full-length collection from Julie-ann Rowell. Our latest book, published in October 2009, is Vessel, a new collection from the former BBC Wildlife Poet of the Year, Matthew Barton. 

About this website
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The Brodie Press is grateful for the support we have received over the years from a number of bodies and individuals, including: the English Department at the University of Bristol, the University of Liverpool School of English, the Friends of the University of Liverpool, The Reader and Professor Miriam Allott.

We are especially grateful for two grants from the Arts Council of England; the most recent of these was awarded in January 2006.

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